Poster Guidelines

Everyone who is presenting a poster will need to bring it to the 2020 Oklahoma Research Day event. Please ensure your poster complies with the poster dimension guidelines.




Posters cannot exceed 2,025 square inches (i.e., 45” Tall x 45” Wide).


Please correspond with the person who will be printing your poster before you begin creating it. Typically, poster printers use 42" paper and allow, excluding margins, for 41.6" of printable space. Although a 45" square poster is allowed, the poster printers at your university may not be able to print that size of poster.




In the past, participants have had success using Microsoft PowerPoint to create their poster by following the steps below:


1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and select "Design" from the top navigation bar;

2. Then select "Page Setup";

3. In the Page Setup box, enter the Width in inches (no more than 45")

4. In the Page Setup box, enter the Height in inches (no more than 45")

5. Save your slide to preserve your dimensions.


You can obtain free PowerPoint poster templates by using a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.




Although you are not required to upload a poster, we encourage you to upload it for archiving purposes. If you upload a poster, anyone who is searching through the submitted abstracts after the event will be able to view your poster via the Oklahoma Research Day website. You can upload your poster anytime before abstract submission closes or after the event. 


The electronic version of your poster cannot exceed 2 MB in size and must be either in .pdf or .jpg format.

                             Picture of female student giving a presentation